We think Spain & Italy are being hit hard by the virus compared to China even after the lockdown because they are not separating their patients. The patients with Covid-19 and the patients without the Virus.

This means if for example you go to a hospital in Kisumu or a hospital in Vihiga or any hospital in Kenya suffering from any other kind of ailment e.g. Malaria or Diabetes high chances of you contracting the Corona Virus are very high if the same hospital has Covid-19 patients.

What does this mean? This means that the Government should work like the Chinese and create makeshift hospitals even in Stadiums and football pitches to treat this “Homa”. Yes this is nothing but just normal common homa.

We therefore urge all our students incase you contract the dreaded Corona Pneumonia Virus, don’t panic. Instead drink lots of tea with ginger (tangawizi) or lemon tea. Also drink lots of water to wash down the virus. Lastly, seek medical attention in a hospital dedicated for Covid-19.

Another good NEWS is that the virus hates the SUN! This means that in Africa and Kenya the virus can’t flourish much because of the heat! South Africa currently has a very high rate of infections but zero deaths because they are still in summer! So avoid anything cold when you are feeling sick. Don’t take a cold soda. Remember everyday, warm water with a bit of lemon will keep the Corona Virus away.